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Grand Study in Canada Seminar-Itahari

24 August, 2023 Canada Study Center

Grand Study in Canada Seminar was held on August 3, 2023 in Itahari, Dharan. Its main goal was to give Nepali students a clear understanding of the fantastic education opportunities available in Canada. The seminar was designed to help students see the exciting academic paths they could take in one of the best places to study globally.

Introducing Exciting Learning Opportunities:

The Seminar was attended by a mix of students, parents, and educators who were excited to learn about the many educational opportunities available in Canada. The event included a special session led by experts in studying abroad in Canada. Notably, Mr. Hari Adhikari, who has extensive knowledge and experience about studying in Canada, was also part of the event. The seminar was hosted by the best Canada study visa consultant in Nepal, Canadian Study Center.

The Event Unfolded:

Study in Canada Seminar proved to be extremely successful in fulfilling its objective, as students acquired direct knowledge about the education system in Canada, the procedures for admissions, opportunities for scholarships, and the general student life encounter. Through engagement with seasoned professionals in the field, participants had the chance to resolve uncertainties, tackle issues, and obtain perspectives that are not easily accessible on the internet.

The event offered attendees a thorough grasp of the diverse academic prospects, courses, and universities accessible in Canada. The seminar’s objective was to provide potential students with the essential information and resources needed to make well-informed choices regarding their pursuit of higher education in Canada.

Focusing on Prominent Universities and Academic Offerings:

The seminar focused on showcasing some really good Canadian universities that are famous for their great education and for helping students from all around the world. Additionally, these institutions have garnered a reputation for their diverse academic offerings and supportive environments.

Being the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal, CSC talk about different colleges and Universities in the seminar. Some of the colleges that got a lot of attention were:

University of Prince Edward Island
Trent University
Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Lakehead University
Cambrian College
Fanshawe College
Seneca College

The Power of In-Person Engagement:

In a time when virtual communication is common, the importance of connecting in person is really strong. Going to events like the College Representatives Meet has a special effect that goes beyond online interactions. It’s a chance to see people’s faces, understand how they’re feeling through their body language, and build a real connection that’s more than just typing on a screen.

Benefits for Attendees:

This seminar was really valuable for the attendees. A lot of students can feel overwhelmed when trying to decide on their higher education path to study in Canada from Nepal.
Here’s why the Itahari seminar was helpful for attendees:

  • Better Decision-Making:
    These events give you correct and detailed information. Experts like Mr. Hari Adhikari talked about Canada’s education, visas, scholarships, and courses. This info helps you choose what’s best for your studies.
  • Finding Colleges:
    The seminar showed different colleges and universities in Canada. They explained what each one is good for. This helps you pick a school that matches what you want to do in the future.
  • Expert Insights:
    Listening to experts like Mr. Hari Adhikari allowed students to gain valuable advice and tips on studying in Canada. They got to hear from someone who really knows the ropes.
  • Understanding the Process:
    Going to this seminar helped students and parents learn about the step-by-step process of applying, getting visas, and other important details. It made everything much clearer.
  • Inspiration:
    Sometimes, learning about opportunities abroad can be really inspiring. It might motivate students to work harder towards their goals and dream bigger.
  • Answers to Questions:
    Students and parents had the chance to ask questions and get direct answers. This can clear up any doubts and make the whole idea of studying in Canada seem more achievable.

In simple words, the event helped students by showing them many different study choices, letting them learn from experts, explaining the process clearly, and connecting them with others who share the same plans. It also gave special information and inspiration while answering their questions.

Effectiveness of Such Events:

The event aimed to address students’ doubts and queries regarding various programs, courses, and potential career opportunities available in Canada after completing their academic careers. The events has its effectiveness in:

  • Direct Interaction:
    Students can ask questions directly to experts, getting personalized responses that address their concerns effectively.
  • Real Stories:
    Hearing from Mr. Hari Adhikari and others who have experience studying in Canada offers real insights, making the decision-making process more relatable.
  • Engagement:
    Interactive sessions and discussions keep participants engaged and interested, ensuring they absorb important details.
  • Awareness:
    Additionally, such events raise awareness about Canadian education, making more students consider it as a viable option for their studies.


Conducting these events and seminars will help students pick the right courses, understand the application process, and connect with people who can help. These events are effective because they offer lots of useful information in one place, let students ask questions, and share real stories from people who’ve studied in Canada. This makes students more aware of their options and inspired to follow their goals.

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