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Pre Departure Session- Kamaladi

24 August, 2023 Canada Study Center
Pre Departure Session- Kamaladi

A lot of students feel really happy and enthusiastic when they’re getting ready to study in another country. This is something many people go through. The main purpose was to help Nepali students understand the great chances they have to get a good education in Canada. CSC, the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal, helps Nepali students go to Canada, organized the event. The event was created to show students the interesting options they have for achieving for Canadian education around the world.

Pre departure session -The Event Unfolded:

The Pre departure session started with a friendly welcome from the organizers, creating a nice atmosphere for an interesting and helpful session. The people who came got to meet Mr. Hari Adhikari, a respected person who knows a lot about studying in Canada. He shared his knowledge and personal experiences to give valuable advice about studying in Canada. He helped the attendees understand what it’s like to study there.

The event made sure that the people who came understood the different opportunities for studying, the types of courses they can take, and the universities they can go to in Canada. The main aim of the seminar was to give people who are thinking about studying in Canada the important information and tools they need to make good choices about their education journey.

Pre Departure Session:

A Pre-Departure Session organized by a consultancy is like a special gathering for students who are getting ready to study in another country. Imagine you’re about to go on a big adventure to study in a different place. This session helps you prepare for that exciting journey.

During this session, the consultancy brings together students, their parents. It usually happens a little while before students actually leave for their new country. The main goal of this meeting is to make sure everyone has all the important information they need to have a smooth and successful experience while studying abroad.

At the session, they explain how the education system works in the new country, what subjects or courses you’ll study, and how you can fit into the new culture. They might also give you tips on finding a place to live, what to do if you get sick, and how to handle your money.

Benefits for Attendees:

  • Getting the Right Info:
    The seminar provided students the latest info about studying abroad. They learn about visas, housing, courses, and rules, helping them make smart choices and handle issues easily.
  • Understanding New Cultures:
    Going to a different country means adapting to new ways of life. These session helped students know how people behave there, so they can make friends, fit in, and avoid misunderstandings.
  • Knowing Studies Better:
    It explain how studying works in the new place. This readies students for different teaching methods and how things are done in classrooms.
  • Knowing Studies Better:
    It explain how studying works in the new place. This readies students for different teaching methods and how things are done in classrooms.
  • Answers to Questions:
    Students and parents had the chance to ask questions and get direct answers. This can clear up any doubts and make the whole idea of studying in Canada seem more achievable.

In simple words, the event helped students by showing them many different study choices, letting them learn from experts, explaining the process clearly, and connecting them with others who share the same plans. It also gave special information and inspiration while answering their questions.

Effectiveness of Joining Such Events:

Attending events like the one in Kamaladi where they talk about studying abroad can really help students who want to go overseas for education. These events are super useful because they give students important advice from experts, a chance to chat with people from good colleges, and the ability to meet other students who also want to study abroad. The info they get at these events makes applying to Canadian colleges easier, increases the chances of getting scholarships, and gets them ready for the difficulties and cool things about studying in a different country.

Attending Pre-Departure Sessions before going to study abroad can really help students in many ways:

  • Information and Preparedness:
    Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the academic, social, and cultural aspects of their host country. This knowledge prepares them for the challenges and adjustments they might face, increasing their confidence.
  • Reduced Anxiety:
    Moving to a new country can be overwhelming. Pre-Departure Sessions help students anticipate challenges, easing their transition and minimizing culture shock.
  • Connections and Networking:
    Meeting other students who are also going to the same place can make students feel like they’re part of a team. These friends can help each other and share stories, making the start of the journey smoother.
  • Clarification of Doubts:
    Students can ask questions to experts and other students directly. This helps them know the right stuff about things like visas, where to live, health insurance, and other important things.
  • Positive First Impression:
    CSC organize these sessions to show that they care about students’ happiness. This makes students feel good and excited about their new adventure.


The Study in Canada Pre-Departure Session held at IT Plazza, Kamaladi, was a big success. People who came to the event left feeling excited, knowledgeable, and ready to start their studies in Canada. The goal of the event was to give all the important details, make personal connections, and highlight the best universities and courses in Canada. This event showed how helpful it is for students who want to study in another country, with the help of the leading Canadian Study Center consultancy. The attendees who want to learn and do well not only got advice for their studies but also became more confident in making their dreams come true.



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