Study Industrial Engineering in Canada from Nepal for 2023

study industrial engeneering in canada from nepal

While pursuing industrial engineering in Canada, students may expect to find a variety of work opportunities, academic degrees, and a larger return on investment. It is an engineering discipline that deals with operations research, quality engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management. 

Universities in Canada give students hands-on experience to help them meet the demands of modern companies. In Canada, this is a highly sought-after program.

Why Study Industrial Engineering Courses in Canada?

Canada offers various opportunities for international students, which are beneficial while studying as well as after studying. The colleges provided are affordable, high-ranked, safe, and friendly for any students applying for industrial engineering courses in Canada.

  • Employment Opportunities: After graduating with a bachelor’s/master’s in industrial engineering, you can easily get various job opportunities. In this field, you can easily earn from 50,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD per year if you have completed a bachelor’s degree. Similarly, after you achieve a master’s degree, you get to earn 60,000 to 150,000 CAD per year.
  • Demand for Industrial Engineers: Industrial Engineers are high in demand not only in Canada but in other countries as well. After you graduate, you get to work as Industrial Engineer, Efficiency Engineer, Production Engineer, etc.
  • High-ranked Universities: There are various high-ranked universities in Canada where you can study Industrial Engineering. Those universities provide you with scholarships, internships, and placement opportunities.
  • Affordable: International students can easily get into many affordable universities according to their budget. Most students choose Canada due to its fee affordability. Deserving students also get scholarships as per the criteria of the university.

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Top Courses to Study Industrial Engineering in Canada 

High-ranked colleges and universities provide top courses to study industrial engineering in Canada.

Study Masters in Industrial Engineering in Canada

There are lots of top colleges for international students to study Masters in Industrial Engineering. Students can choose colleges or universities according to the fee structure, duration, and other preferred facilities.

Name of universityCourse OfferedTuition Fee
Dalhousie UniversityMaster of Science in Industrial EngineeringMaster of Engineering in Industrial Engineering14,000 CAD- 15,000CAD
Ryerson UniversityMaster of Science in Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringM.Eng in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering26,000 CAD- 27,000 CAD
University of WindsorMaster of science in Industrial Engineering Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering5,000 CAD-6,000 CAD
Concordia UniversityMaster of Engineering in Industrial Engineering 7,000 CAD-8,000 CAD
University of ReginaMaster of Engineering in Industrial Systems EngineeringMaster of Science in Industrial System Engineering12,000 CAD- 13,000 CAD
University of TorontoMaster of Science in Mechanical and Industrial EngineeringM.Eng., Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.24,000 CAD – 25,000 CAD

International students are more likely to go to colleges that are affordable to them. Therefore, Canada has many top colleges with affordable fees and facilities. Colleges and university for international students to study Masters in Industrial Engineering Canada are:

Study Bachelors in Industrial Engineering in Canada 

The cost of a bachelor degree is less than the fee of a master degree.

Names of UniversityCourse OfferedTuition fee
University of TorontoBASc in Industrial Engineering58,000 CAD – 59,000 CAD
Dakhousie UniversityBEng in Industrial Engineering7,000 CAD- 8,000 CAD
Ryerson UniversityBEng in Industrial Engineering31,000 CAD- 32,000 CAD
Concordia UniversityBEng in Industrial Engineering15,000 CAD- 16,000 CAD
University of ReginaBASc in Industrial System Engineering8,000 CAD- 9,000CAD

Admission Requirement for Studying Industrial Engineering in Canada

There are certain criteria that international students need to follow for the Study of Industrial Engineering in Canada. Being an international student, all your documents need to be up-to-date and legal while applying.

Eligibility Criteria: Study Industrial Engineering in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries for international students to study industrial engineering.

The eligibility to study Industrial Engineering in Canada are: 

  • Students must have valid documents.
  • Police verification report with clear background
  • Criteria of Industrial Engineering should meet
  • Each band 5 in the language proficiency class and a minimum TOFEL score of 60 are required.
  • Clear background with police verification report English
  • Must have passed plus two or bachelor degrees.

 Language Proficiency: Study Industrial Engineering in Canada

Canadians speak but rather than people prefer to speak French. You can also learn French for your ease. Apart from that, international students must pass the language proficiency test with a minimum of 5 in each band. Similarly, for TOFEL, a minimum of 60 and 18 per section is required.

Canadian can speak both English and French language.  

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Documents Required: Study Industrial Engineering in Canada

Before applying for Canada you need to be clear about the documents you will be needing for processing. International students need different valid data and documents for studying in Canada, which include

  • Passport
  • Academic certificate
  • Sponsor letter
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Language Proficiency Score
  • Result of official language tests
  • Financial Funds

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Top Colleges and Universities: Study Industrial Engineering in Canada

Canada is the best place for any student who wants to study industrial Engineering. There are highly-ranked colleges and universities where you can apply for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. There are colleges according to the fee structure, criteria, and opportunities.

You can choose colleges as per your budget, interests, and time duration. If you are deserving and meet all the criteria, there are various scholarships and job placement services your university can provide for you.

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Total Cost to Study Industrial Engineering in Canada 

Canadians have various options for international students while choosing the college. International students can choose affordable colleges and universities that are within their budget. Students can apply for scholarships, which help them build their careers in an effective way.

The cost of students to study Industrial Engineering in Canada is different at each college according to the course they prefer.

For undergraduates the cost can be 15,000 CAD – 35,000 CAD. Similarly, for post-graduates, the cost can range from 20,000 CAD to 45,000 CAD.

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Employment Opportunities: Industrial Engineering Jobs in Canada 

After graduation, international students can find various job opportunities in the related field. They can get placement through their university as well. Some of the jobs paying well after graduation are:

Job RolesAnnual Salary
Industrial Engineer65,000 CAD -66,000 CAD
Efficiency Engineer68,000 CAD – 70,000 CAD
Production Engineer68,000 CAD – 70,000 CAD
Manufacturing Engineer52,000 CAD – 55,000 CAD
Reliability Engineer78,000 CAD – 80,000 CAD

There is high return on Industrial Engineering after you get the certificate of masters in this field.

Job RoleAnnual Salary
Industrial Engineer65,000 CAD – 70,000 CAD
Efficiency Engineer75,000 CAD – 80,000 CAD
Production Engineer65,000 CAD – 70,000 CAD
Manufacturing Engineer75,000 CAD – 80,000 CAD
Reliability Engineer115,000 CAD – 125,000 CAD

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Conclusion: Study Industrial Engineering in Canada

Canada’s educational quality and cost make it an appealing alternative for overseas students interested in pursuing a practical-oriented Industrial Engineering degree in Canada. Canada has various job opportunities waiting for you after you complete your graduation in industrial engineering.

Our experts are here at the Canadian Study Center to clear all your doubts. Studying industrial engineering is the best course for international students to apply for in Canada.

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FAQs: Study Industrial Engineering in Canada

Why industrial engineering in Canada?

Canada is full of top colleges and universities where you can find many opportunities before and after your course completion. You can easily get jobs with a good salary after graduating in engineering. There are demands for industrial engineering all over the world.  

Is industrial engineering affordable in Canada?

Canada has many affordable colleges. You can choose your college or university according to their fee structure, opportunities, and so on. Deserving students also receive various scholarship opportunities while studying and after the completion of the course.

Is industrial engineering a high-paying profession in Canada?

If you have a degree in industrial engineering, you can easily earn 50,000 to 60,000 Canadian dollars. Similarly, if you are a postgraduate, you earn between 60,000 CAD to 130,000 CAD

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