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Study at Top Public Colleges and Universities in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

4 February, 2024 Canada Study Center

Are you looking to study at top public colleges and universities in Canada? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Canada is a destination for students due to its educational programs and the rich cultural diversity it offers.

Once you’ve decided to study in Canada, One of the choices you’ll face is selecting the right college or university. Public colleges and universities in Canada are highly recommended because they offer top-quality education at an affordable cost. Even prominent individuals like Elon Musk have attended universities in Canada.

Choosing the right college or university in Canada is a crucial decision that can greatly impact your academic and professional success. This comprehensive guide aims to assist students like you in choosing by highlighting the features and opportunities available at the top. It will help you find the best fit for your aspirations.

Why is the Canadian education system the best? 

Why is Canadian education system the best?

Canada’s education system is one of the most renowned worldwide. According to the US News Report, Canada is the #4 best country in the world in terms of education. Canada is considered one of the world’s top countries which spends more than 5% of their GDP on education. Canada is considered home to many top public universities, colleges, and institutions that provide diverse programs to help students reach their academic goals. 

The public colleges and universities in Canada are all ranked among one of the top institutes worldwide. Ranking is an important factor when choosing any institution in Canada. Institutions with characteristics such as academic recognition, research output, faculty knowledge, and student satisfaction support the reputation of top-ranked institutions. These characteristics demonstrate the commitment of the institutions to providing high-quality education. 

The top colleges and universities in Canada have a very high reputation. Top colleges and universities in Canada go through several factors to strengthen their reputation. The key factors contributing to the reputation of top-ranked institutions are academic achievement, significant research contributions, faculty proficiency, and student satisfaction. 

For what reason are Canada’s public colleges and universities ranked top?

Top ranked Canada's public colleges and universities

Canada’s public colleges and universities are consistently ranked among the best in the world. University rankings in Canada are normally published annually by a variety of national and international publications. Magazines, newspapers, websites, governments, and academia have all done rankings of post-secondary educational institutions. Rankings are created to help potential applicants learn more about top colleges and universities in Canada based on a variety of variables, such as academic reputation, faculty qualifications, research output, and student satisfaction. 

Academic reputation is a pillar of consideration, representing an institution’s established status within the academic world. Furthermore, teachers’ qualifications and talents contribute significantly to the institution’s reputation, as their expertise and guidance have a direct impact on students’ educational experiences. 

Another important component of the evaluation is research output, which shows the institution’s contributions to intellectual progress and innovation across a wide range of fields. This measure takes into account not only the volume of research but also its impact, recognizing the institution’s contribution to shaping the global academic scene. Furthermore, the evaluation system promotes student satisfaction because students are the primary contributors to educational programs. 

Students’ academic happiness and accomplishment reflect the institution’s ability to provide a high-quality educational experience, influencing its overall rating and ranking. These components work together to build the foundation of an institution’s evaluation, carefully examining its quality and significance in the Canadian higher education landscape. 

Top-Ranked Public Universities in Canada

Here is the list of top public universities in Canada:

  1. The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)
  2. Lakehead University
  3. Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  4. Laurentian University 
  5. The University of Lethbridge

1) The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)

The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) is a prestigious public university located in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. This university offers programs for Nepalese students at reasonable fees. The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) offers a wide range of academic programs including veterinary medicine, sustainable engineering, nursing, business, and environmental studies, providing international students with higher education and meaningful research experience.

UPEI’s strong industry partnerships provide international students with rewarding learning opportunities, hands-on experiences, internships, and research collaborations that provide important professional connections and enhance their career prospects.

2) Lakehead University

Lakehead University is a public research university with campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Ontario, Canada.  This university offers a range of undergraduate and bachelor’s programs to international students. The public university has industry partnerships, providing students with co-op programs, internships, and collaborative studies projects, offering invaluable actual-global experience. 

Lakehead offers genuine, real-world experiences in the latest and modern facilities and labs. The university promotes student experience, including comprehensive guidance services, extracurricular activities, and a strong feel of network.

Additionally, Lakehead University emphasizes a worldwide angle, offering worldwide study reviews, change applications, and a campus environment that celebrates cultural diversity. 

3) Kwantlen Polytechnic University 

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is Canada’s only polytechnic university, providing students with an excellent education paired with practical experience. This university offers over 100 unique programs for international students to choose from.

KPU has formed partnerships with industry employers, providing students with valuable contacts and practical knowledge. These interactive and hands-on learning opportunities are known for equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the industry.

4) Laurentian University 

Laurentian University is based in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. This medium-sized public University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs.

Laurentian University provides international students including Nepalese students with a variety of programs and hands-on learning opportunities. The university provides entrepreneurial fellowships as well as experiential learning opportunities like work experience, internships, and cooperative education through its many programs. 

5) The University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge is located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. For international students, the university provides over 150 undergraduate programs, 75 graduate courses, and hands-on learning experiences such as workshops, courses, internships, and study tours. It also collaborates with industry partners to provide students with learning and work-integrated work experiences.

The institution ensures an efficient student experience and prioritizes Nepalese students by offering services such as academic advising and guidance. This demonstrates the University’s commitment to providing a supportive and positive learning environment for its diverse student group.

Top Ranked Public Colleges in Canada

Here is the list of top public colleges in Canada:

  1. Mohawk College
  2. Saskatchewan Polytechnic 
  3. Old’s College
  4. Seneca Polytechnic
  5. Lambton College 
  6. Red River College
  7. Loyalist College
  8. Lethbridge College
  9. Fanshawe College
  10. MITT College
  11. Georgian College
  12. Algonquin College

1) Mohawk College:

Mohawk College ranked as the 7th best research public college in Canada, offers a range of programs for international students including Nepalese students. The college collaborates with industries to provide students with hands-on learning experiences and ample placement opportunities. Emphasizing a commitment to applied research, Mohawk College fosters an inclusive and supportive student experience, aiming to provide a well-rounded and enriching educational environment for its diverse student body. 

2) Saskatchewan Polytechnic 

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a top-ranked public institution in Canada that offers over 65 student programs, spanning various fields such as agriculture, architectural technologies, artificial intelligence, and automotive programs. 

The college provides hands-on learning opportunities and apprenticeship training in diverse economic sectors to equip students with practical skills. Saskatchewan Polytechnic collaborates with industry partners to offer work-integrated learning experiences. 

The college’s extensive program offerings are designed to lead students to rewarding careers in business, information technology, health, and other fields. Additionally, the institution is committed to supporting the holistic student experience, providing adjustment support for international students, and creating a conducive learning environment in Saskatchewan, Canada. 

3) Olds College 

Olds College of Agriculture and Technology is a top-ranked public college in Canada, known for its foundational partnerships with industries. These partnerships span financial, academic, and experiential collaboration, providing students with real-world learning opportunities. The college’s specialized programs for students offer tailored learning experiences to meet their unique needs. 

Moreover, Olds College offers hands-on learning experiences in its Agriculture Technology Programs, aligning students with the skills required to transform the agriculture industry. The college emphasizes a unique student experience by creating advanced learning environments that connect students with real-world opportunities, enhancing their educational journey. 

4) Seneca Polytechnic

Seneca Polytechnic, a prominent public college in Canada, is known for offering a wide array of programs tailored to Nepalese students, with a diverse learning environment and exceptional student services. The institution has forged 75+ transfer partnerships worldwide, designed to transition students into their academic pathways seamlessly. 

Seneca Polytechnic integrates hands-on learning opportunities, incorporating real projects in purpose-built labs and fostering industry-relevant skills. Furthermore, the college emphasizes a holistic student experience, emphasizing partnerships with industry leaders and providing an educational environment that goes beyond traditional learning to offer a comprehensive and practical approach. 

5) Lambton College 

Lambton College, a renowned public institution based in Sarnia, Canada, offers a diverse range of programs tailored for students including Nepalese students. The college provides hands-on learning experiences through comprehensive lecture and laboratory components, ensuring practical skill development. With partnerships with various industries, students gain valuable practical training, preparing them for successful careers. 

The college’s commitment to hands-on learning approaches fosters a supportive and enriching student experience, equipping students with essential communication skills and confidence for their professional growth.

6) Red River College (RRC Polytech)

Red River College, a renowned public institution in Canada, offers full-time programs and specialized educational services for students. The college actively collaborates with industries to provide invaluable hands-on learning experiences and practical knowledge, ensuring students are well-prepared for the workforce. 

The college’s unique educational model also integrates work-integrated learning, providing relevant work experience and industry-focused opportunities. This comprehensive approach aims to nurture a supportive and enriching student experience, ultimately preparing students for successful careers. 

7) Loyalist College

Recognized as one of Canada’s top 50 research public colleges, Loyalist College emphasizes experiential hands-on learning opportunities through applied research. The institution offers tailored programs for students, providing an ideal combination of academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and program work placements. With extensive industry experience, the faculty members offer valuable insight into various fields. 

Additionally, the college fosters innovative partnerships with industries, providing students with engaging hands-on experiences working with state-of-the-art technology and industry equipment. The student experience is characterized by a supportive and multinational learning environment, facilitating academic excellence and a range of extracurricular activities.

8) Lethbridge College

Lethbridge College is a highly respected public college in Canada, offering a range of career-training certificates, diplomas, degrees, and apprenticeship programs. The college provides specific programs designed for students including Nepalese students, aiming to cater to their unique educational needs. 

Lethbridge College also emphasizes partnerships with industries, providing students with hands-on learning experiences and practical knowledge relevant to their fields of study. The institution is committed to offering an enriching student experience, providing knowledge and hands-on experience to excel in their educational journey and future careers.

9) Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College, a top-ranked public college in Canada, offers an extensive range of over 220 programs for international students including Nepalese students. The college is committed to providing hands-on and industry-relevant learning experiences, preparing students for professional success. With a focus on fostering partnerships with industry leaders, Fanshawe College ensures that students have access to practical and innovative initiatives that align with their career goals. 

The college also provides an exceptional student experience with flexible program options, allowing students from over 100 countries to live, study, and work in a multicultural environment in London, Ontario, Canada.

10) MITT College

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology (MITT) is a highly-regarded public institution in Canada, offering a diverse range of certificate, diploma, and post-graduate programs tailored for students at various stages of their careers. The college has developed strong industry partnerships, providing students with valuable work-integrated learning opportunities including co-op placements and internships. MITT also actively engages with institutional partners to offer English language pathway programs, catering to the students. 

The college focuses on applied skills training, offering practical pathways for students to pursue career-focused technical training and direct employment opportunities. The student experience at MITT emphasizes hands-on learning, industry-relevant skills development, and a practical approach to career readiness.

11) Georgian College

Georgian College, a top-ranked public college in Canada, offers career-focused programs across a wide variety of fields and disciplines. The college provides specific programs tailored for international students, encompassing hands-on learning experiences and real-world work opportunities. Georgian College actively collaborates with industry and community partners, offering relevant, cutting-edge curriculum and high-quality job placements, ensuring students gain industry-relevant skills and knowledge. 

The student experience at Georgian College emphasizes small class sizes, practical learning, and a supportive environment tailored to help students graduate job-ready and equipped with specialized skills valued by employers.

12) Algonquin College

Algonquin College is a highly regarded public institution in Canada, offering a wide array of programs and enrolling 20,000 full-time students. The college provides tailored programs for Nepalese students and has established strong partnerships with industries, offering hands-on learning experiences and industry-relevant skills. 

The student experience at Algonquin College is characterized by a focus on experiential and digitally connected learning, providing students with practical exposure and preparation for leadership roles. Additionally, Algonquin’s homestay program is managed in partnership with Canada Homestay Network, contributing to a diverse and immersive international student experience. 

Top Public Universities | Colleges Application and Admission Process:

There are various public colleges and universities in Canada offering a vast array of programs to study. Canadian educational institutions offer over 200+  programs to Nepalese students. Mostly a one-year program consists of two semesters in the colleges and universities. Students are offered hands-on learning and placement opportunities based on their program of study making Canada an excellent choice for Nepalese students.

The first step on the path of studying in Canada is to begin the admissions process.  Here is an easy procedure for Nepalese students who want to pursue their higher studies in public colleges and universities in Canada. 

1) Understand the requirements:

There are different requirements for different public colleges and universities. So, it requires an understanding of the colleges and courses they offer. Nepalese students should carefully examine the laws and regulations regulating the study permit application process. Some of the common requirements are language proficiency, updated passports, grades, band scores, and many more. This step is very essential as the requirements vary from province to province as well as institution to institution.

2) Choosing your preferred Course:

When you are planning to choose a public college or university, the main thing you should consider is the course you are going to study. Every college and university has its specialty, for example, Old’s College of Alberta – a renowned public college of Alberta is known for its specialized course in the field of Agriculture and Technology. So, students should not skip this step and choose the university or college according to their preferred course.

3) Take the Language Proficiency Test:

Most Canadian colleges demand confirmation of English language ability, typically through examinations such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL. Prepare and take these proficiency tests well in advance. 

4) Apply to your preferred public college and university: 

Now that you have selected the course of your choice and shortlisted the public colleges and universities, it’s time to apply by comparing them. Carefully choose the college or university and keep at least two institutes within your option but you need to consider the application fees as well. 

Be careful while filling out the application form and make sure you have all the required evidence to support your documents.

5) Apply for a study permit:

Once accepted to a Canadian university, you must apply for a study permit. Prepare the required documentation, such as proof of acceptance, financial statements, and a study plan, to support your study permit application.

Scholarships and Financial Support to Study in Canada

While choosing to study in Canada may be more affordable than studying in other nations, financial aid could ease the pressure more. Here are a few scholarships available for Nepalese students:

The Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) is offered by the Government of Canada and gives scholarships to Nepalese students in Canada.

Institutional Scholarships: Many Canadian colleges provide scholarships for Nepalese students. Check with the particular university for possible options.

External Scholarships: Nepalese students can also look for external scholarships offered by organizations such as the Government of Nepal, the Canada Nepal Foundation, and a variety of other governmental and private institutions.

Nepalese Student’s Life in Canada

Nepalese students feel safe in Canada as Canada ranks 11th according to the Global Peace Index 2022. This country has much more to offer than any other country in the world. Canada offers diverse learning choices along with hands-on learning opportunities. Encouraging overseas students, particularly those from Nepal, to pursue their studies in this country. 

Choosing a country like Canada for further study is considered an opportunity for international students. Canada has much more to offer such as quality of life, quality education, a diverse environment, and ample opportunities, making the student’s life full of learning and new achievements. 

Thus, student life in Canada is full of new opportunities, hands-on learning, job prospects and exposure, ensuring that international students, including Nepalese students have a fulfilling academic experience in Canada.


Studying at Top Public Colleges and Universities in Canada can be life-changing for Nepalese students. Canada’s great education system, numerous programs, and friendly environment create a foundation for academic improvement, personal development, and future success.

Before deciding on a public college or university, it is best to conduct research and plan ahead of time to maximize your opportunities. The Canadian Study Center could be the greatest option for simplifying your academic career.

FAQs on Study at Top Public Colleges and Universities in Canada from Nepal:

Can students get Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) after studying in Public College?

According to the recent IRCC update students who study at public colleges are eligible to claim Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP).

List of top public colleges in Canada

Here is the list of top public colleges in Canada:
1. Mohawk College
2. Saskatchewan Polytechnic 
3. Old’s College
4. Seneca Polytechnic
5. Lambton College 
6. Red River College
7. Loyalist College
8. Lethbridge College
9. Fanshawe College
10. MITT College
11. Georgian College
12. Algonquin College

Why study in public colleges and universities in Canada?

Canadian public colleges and universities are known for providing high-quality education to the students. According to the recent IRCC update students studying in public colleges and universities are eligible to apply for post graduation work permit (PGWP).


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