November 2023 - Study in Canada

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Jan 2024 Intake- Pre-Departure Session

A pre-departure session is an information session that takes place before someone leaves for the journey, especially if it’s a significant one like studying abroad or moving to a new country. During this session, organizers or experts provide important information and guidance to help the person prepare for their upcoming journey.

The Event Unfolded:

On November 25th, 2023, the Pre-Departure Session was held by the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal, CSC at the Kathmandu Banquet, Thapagaun was a successful event. Over 500 people gathered at the Kathmandu Banquet to learn about studying in Canada. The event focused on the January 2024 intake, providing expert advice to help students get ready for their journey. The event included a special session led by experts in studying abroad in Canada. Notably, Mr. Hari Adhikari, who has extensive knowledge and experience studying in Canada, was also part of the event. 

Expert Guidance:

A key moment at the event was having Mr. Hari Adhikari, studying in Canada expert, there. His expertise and background made the event more trustworthy, letting everyone know they were in good hands. His insights played a crucial role in making the event successful.

Networking Opportunities:

The event wasn’t just about sharing information; it also gave people the chance to meet and make connections. Future students became friends, and these friendships could last a long time. This made the event feel more personal and created a community of people starting similar journeys.

Q&A Session:

The event went well because of the Q&A session. People could ask questions, get answers, and even get advice from Hari Adhikari. This talk helped everyone understand what to expect in Canada.


The event represents the hopes and dreams of people wanting to study in Canada. The knowledge shared by Hari Adhikari and the connections formed during the event held by the best consultancy for Canada, CSC will be strong support for these students as they start a new chapter in their lives. As we get closer to the January 2024 intake, the people who attended the event are not only prepared for the academic challenges but also have a good understanding of Canadian culture and practical skills for a successful stay.

Outstanding Achievement Award from Seneca College

Seneca College is located in Toronto, Canada, is a well-known educational institution offering a range of programs in areas like applied arts, business, engineering technology, and health sciences. The college prepares students with the necessary skills and knowledge for successful careers in their chosen fields.

We are honored to receive the Outstanding Achievement award from Seneca College, Canada. This achievement reflects our team’s dedication, passion, and collaboration, making it more than just recognition.

Dedication to Successful Path:

To our amazing team, a big thank you for your hard work and determination. Your dedication has been the key to our success, setting a new standard of excellence for all of us. This award is a victory we all share, and each team member has played a vital role in making our dreams come true. Thinking about this achievement, we’re grateful for every team member who played a part in CSC. This award represents the hard work, late nights driven by passion, and collaborative efforts that have lifted us to new levels of excellence.

Gratitude for Seneca College:

We want to express that we are so thankful to Seneca College for acknowledging and celebrating our accomplishments. This award motivates CSC with the best consultancy for Canada in Nepal to keep pushing our limits, being innovative, and striving for excellence. Our success opens doors to even more opportunities. Looking forward, the limitless possibilities show what happens when a team works together with a common goal and strong determination.


In conclusion, we want to express our gratitude to the amazing team that made this Outstanding Achievement award happen. Let’s celebrate the path we’ve traveled and look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead. Here’s to CSC’s commitment to doing great things!


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