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To all of the staffs at the Canadian Study Center.

"Words cannot express how thankful I am to all of the kind people who gave such exceptional care and follow up to my case. One of the Sr. Representative from CSC Mr. Hari Adhikari sir who has got years of successful experiences regarding study permit to CANADA, really helps me to figure out my journey to CANADA. Only owing to his great advice and timely support my visa for study permit was granted.

I simply couldn’t find any other service provider that offered all the required and valuable tools like, choosing the universities, preparing documents and application submission in favorable time. Specially, for those keeners who passionately wish to get study permit of CANADA, I would highly recommend them to visit CSC and start the procedure accordingly without any delay".

Navaraj Dahal

The University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba
I am Shreeya Chhetri. I applied through Canadian Study Center for my bachelor's degree in Canada. Finding a good consultant is one of the important things to consider if you are unfamiliar with the whole visa processing and the country you are applying to. So was the case with me. I got to know about CSC and went there for consultation.

I talked to them about my future goals and subject of interest. Through their proper guidance I got visa for bachelor's degree in biology in The University of Winnipeg.

The team of CSC is highly professional, experienced and responsive and are dedicated to helping their clients for success. I got visa in about 4 months which is longer than the normal processing time. They were always supportive and concerned through the whole time.

I would like to thank the CSC team for making me believe that I would get visa and always being there to answer to my all queries. I am grateful to the whole team for their invaluable support and making me a step ahead towards my dream".

Shreeya Chettri

Bachelor's Degree in Biology, The University of Winnipeg.
"I'm extremely thankful to the Canadian Study Centre team for their helpful guidance throughout the process for higher education in Canada. Apparently, one of the best educational consultancies in Kathmandu to get proper counselling and visa documentation. Mr. Hari Adhikari and his team were available whenever needed and their schemes helped me to achieve my dream. Thank you CSC".

Priyanka Prajuli

Fanshawe College, London, Ontario
"I applied through Canadian Study Center to be a part of a diverse country, pushing myself to try a new degree and gain necessary skills. I had already completed my MBA in TU in marketing and wanted to get hands on with new skills. After leaving my full-time job in Kathmandu, I searched for a good consultancy that can prepare me to pursue my dream. I came across to Canadian Study Center through Facebook and immediately went there to get more information.

I got my preferred course and with the help of the team of Canadian Study Center, I was able to not only get my Visa, but I also was successful to grab Scholarship for my course. I chose PACE marketing management program and once I was guided in a right way, I had to never look back. CSC not only tries to find the best fit for your course preference but also recommends for accommodation and future life in Canada.

Currently, I am working as a Team Leader in a well-known company in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you focus in your program and develop right networking after you land in Canada, you will find your path and get settled in the land of opportunity. I cannot speak for everyone but for me CSC and especially Hari Sir has helped a lot even when I had to face many unexpected situations while planning to go to Canada.

I recommend you all to be clear about what you want and try to communicate clearly with the team in CSC. They will help you get here in Canada and start your Canadian dream. I wish all the best for CSC team".

Rupa Pokharel

Marketing Management Post Degree Diploma
They provide you better career counselling for applying in studnet visa to Canada. When with Hari Adhikari, the experienced counseller one will feel more confident to ask questions as they will be answered properly. Recommendable for those who want to know how about student visa and stay in Canada.

Jyoti Khadka

The staffs and concerned department familarizes you about Canada,Canadian Uni's/colleges aand the offered course programs by those institutions.Moreover does all the process handling bringing closer to your pursued dreams.

Ritesh Rokaha