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Canada News Update: Now International Students can work Full-time

8 December, 2023 Canada Study Center
New Update

In a recent update, the Canadian government has announced an extension of full-time work opportunities for international students until April. Students can now work off campus while class is in session until April 30, 2024. International students already in Canada as well as applicant who already have applied for Study permit as of December 7 2023 will be able to work as per the news update of Canada.

This move comes as part of ongoing efforts to support students facing challenges due to the global situation. This is fantastic for those looking to gain more experience during their studies.

The government recognizes the financial strain many students are under and wants to make sure they have the flexibility they need. It’s also a nod to the important role international students play in Canada’s education system. Traditionally, international students have been restricted to part-time employment throughout the academic year.

However, this recent update brings a welcome change by allowing them to embrace full-time work opportunities during their academic breaks. The decision stems from a recognition of the challenges students are encountering, particularly given the current global circumstances. The aim is to provide students with greater flexibility and support, acknowledging the diverse hurdles they may be navigating in their academic journey

This change is expected to make a real difference for students across various fields of study, giving them more opportunities to support themselves while studying in Canada. If you’re an international student, make sure to keep an eye out for any additional updates or changes to immigration policies that might affect your eligibility for full-time work.

The Canadian government continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting the well-being of international students and maintaining a welcoming environment for those choosing Canada as their study destination.



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