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Study In Mohawk College In Canada For International Students

Want to study at Mohawk College in Canada? Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology is a publicly funded college based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It is a college of applied arts and technology established in the year 1966. The college was founded during the formation of Ontario’s college system. It is one of the largest government-funded colleges in Ontario. The institution was established to provide career-oriented advanced diploma, diploma, and certificate courses, as well as continuing education programs to Ontario communities. 

The college currently has three main campuses: the Fennel Campus (Hamilton Mountain), the Stoney Creek Campus (Stoney Creek), and Mohawk-McMaster Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster University. Now the college offers two-year college diplomas, three-year advanced diplomas, one-year graduate certificates, and four-year collaborative degree programs.

Table of Contents

  1. Why choose Mohawk College to study in Canada? 
    1. Mohawk College: Tuition Fees 
    2. Mohawk College: Ranking  
    3. Mohawk College: Programs 
    4. Mohawk College: Scholarships  
    5. Mohawk College: Placements  
  2. How to Apply for Mohawk College in Canada? Admission Requirements 
    1. Apply for Mohawk College: Eligibility Requirements
    2. English Language Proficiency Test
    3. Apply for Mohawk College: Documents Required 
  3. List of Top Courses at Mohawk College in Canada
    1. Medicine and Health Care at Mohawk College
    2. Information Technology at Mohawk College
    3. Engineering at Mohawk College
    4. Media and Arts at Mohawk College
    5. Business Studies at Mohawk College
  4. Conclusion: Study in Mohawk College in Canada:  
  5. FAQs on Study in Mohawk College in Canada:

Why choose Mohawk College to study in Canada? 

Mohawk College provides its students with a rich learning environment. It involves a variety of amazing hands-on learning opportunities from co-op programs to labs and simulations. It supports international students with dedicated staff, services, social opportunities, language training, etc. Mohawk is the right institution that students seek for their further education. Some of the reasons why choose Mohawk College to study in Canada are 

Mohawk College: Tuition Fees 

Tuition Fees at Mohawk are very affordable for international students compared to other institutions. The average tuition fee at Mohawk is CAD 17,015. And the cost of housing is CAD $1800. 

Mohawk College: Ranking  

Mohawk College is one of the top colleges in Ontario, Canada. And It is also ranked 85 all over Canada. Moreover, Mohawk also comes under the top 20 colleges for Applied Science. 

Mohawk College: Programs 

The college provides a wide range of both undergraduate and graduate programs to students (domestic/international) in various fields. Students will not have trouble finding the course they want to enroll in. And no doubt that the college provides quality education to its students.  

Mohawk College: Scholarships  

The college provides students financial aid in the form of scholarships, awards, and bursaries. Students with academic excellence have benefits of up to 278,000 CAD with GPA scores and merit requirements. 

Mohawk College: Placements  

88.4% of graduates from Mohawk College get employed within six months from their graduation. The Business Management program at Mohawk has the highest student satisfaction in Ontario. Due to this, the graduates from the Business program have one of the highest-paying jobs. 

How to Apply for Mohawk College in Canada? Admission Requirements 

Before applying for admission process for Mohawk College in Canada, it is important to gather information related to the total procedure. The college mainly provides three major intakes: January, May, September. The basic procedure to apply for Mohawk is

  • Explore programs and careers at Mohawk
  • Choose the program you want to enroll in as well as see dates, and deadlines 
  • Apply for your program at
  • College will get back to you mostly via email with an offer letter, confirm your program of choice
  • Pay your tuition fee to secure your seat 

Apply for Mohawk College: Eligibility Requirements

For Undergraduate Diploma

  • One must be at least 17 years of age before starting classes
  • Minimum level of education required is Grade 12 with a minimum score of 50% 

For Post-graduate Degree 

  • Minimum level of Education required is 2 years undergraduate diploma with a minimum score of 50% 

English Language Proficiency Test

S.No.Education Level IELTSPTETOEFLDuolingo English Test
1.Undergraduate DiplomaOverall 6 (with no band less than 5.5)5080105
2.Post-graduate degreeOverall 6.5 (with no band less than 6)6189125

Apply for Mohawk College: Documents Required 

While applying to abroad educational institution, students should carry a handy checklist of required documents to avoid troubles in the future. The basic documents required for applying to Mohawk College are 

  • Academic Transcripts from the former institution (high school or college) 
  • Proof of English-language proficiency test 
  • Scan copy of passport 
  • Two passport-sized photos 

List of Top Courses at Mohawk College in Canada

For international students, it is very important to be familiar with the program structure they are about to enroll in. As the journey to study abroad alone can be costly, it would be better if the subject you choose is worthy of it. Students can do well in the field they have always been keen about. Apart from this, considering the career opportunities after the chosen course would be like adding flavor to your journey. 

Mohawk College offers more than 150 programs in the form of Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Certificate, Apprenticeship, Post-graduate Certificate, and Collaborative degree. The college specializes in Health Science and Engineering Technology education. It is the largest trainer of apprentices in Ontario. Some of the in-demand fields from the courses available at the college are Medicine and Healthcare, Information Technology, Engineering, and Business. 

Medicine and Health Care at Mohawk College

The field of Medicine and Health care is all about the study of prevention, cure, and identifying the disease as well as examining the physical and mental well-being. Students at Mohawk College in these programs will learn from professional faculty in the most advanced simulation labs. The college is determined to make students able to apply their skills in real-world clinical placements.

As long as there is life on the planet there will always be a need to study Medicine and Health care. The college provides some popular programs like

S.No.Course Name Degree LevelDurationCost per year 
1.Practical Nursing UndergraduateDiploma2 years CAD $26,685 
2.Pharmacy Technician UndergraduateDiploma  2 yearsCAD $18,133 
3.Personal Support Worker College Certificate One year or less CAD $17,123
4.Autism and Behavioral Science College Graduate Certificate One year or less CAD $18,133 

There are plentiful career opportunities in the field of Medicine and Health Care such as Registered Practical Nurse, Registered Pharmacy Technician, Personal Support Workers, Instructor Therapist, Behaviour Therapist, Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist, and many more. One can work in Hospitals, Long-Term Care Homes, Nursing & Residential Care Facilities, Home Care Agencies, etc.

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Information Technology at Mohawk College

Information Technology involves the development, maintenance, and use of computer software, systems, and networks. It is used for safeguarding data and information, administrating databases, building networks for companies, and a range of other works to increase the efficiency of information systems. Students are provided with advanced learning labs, smart classrooms, and experienced faculty for effective learning. 

There is rapid growth in the demand for Information Technology (IT) in today’s world. Programs and courses offered at Mohawk College provides the courses like 

S.No.Course Name Degree Level DurationCost per year 
1.Computer Engineering TechnicianUndergraduate Diploma 2 yearsCAD $15,510 
2.Computer Engineering Technology – Mechatronic systems Undergraduate Diploma 2 years CAD $17,015
3.Computer system Technician – Network systems Undergraduate Diploma 2 years CAD $17,476 (with Co-op)
4.Computer System Technology – Software Development Undergraduate Advanced Diploma3 years CAD $17,482.83
5.Cyber Security Analytics College Graduate Certificate One year or lessCAD $18,025

The field of Information Technology provides a wide range of career options such as Web/Mobile/Desktop Developer, Application Developer, Database Administrator, Project Manager, Cybersecurity Operator, and many more. They can work in places like Technical & Information Services, Professional Business & Financial Services, Computing Services, etc. 

If you are considering studying Computer Science in Canada. 

Engineering at Mohawk College

Engineering is using scientific principles to design and create something out of it including machines, buildings, roads, tunnels, and other items. Engineering is in everything we are dependent on for convenience in our daily life. The college offers every learning material and session to its students to prepare them to achieve their goals in a competitive world.

Engineering has always been one of the most in-demand professions as human innovation is never stopping thing. Some of the programs in this field available at Mohawk College are

S.No.Course NameDegree Level DurationCost per year 
1.Civil Engineering Technology Undergraduate Advanced Diploma3 yearsCAD $17,522
2.Civil Engineering TechnicianUndergraduate Diploma2 yearsCAD $17,015
3.Electrical Engineering Technology Undergraduate Advanced Diploma 3 years CAD $17,657
4.Mechanical Engineering Technology Undergraduate Advanced Diploma3 years CAD $17,596.79
5.Aviation Technician – Aircraft structures Undergraduate Diploma 2 years CAD $21,860 

Students after doing engineering can work as Electrical Engineering Technologists, Power-protection Engineering Technologists, Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Mechanical Engineering Technologists, Civil Engineer Technologists, Construction supervisors, Construction Estimator, and many more. They can work in Industrial & Commercial Organizations, Power Generators, Transmissions & Utilities, Airlines, Civil Aviation, Construction Companies, Engineering Consulting, etc. 

Media and Arts at Mohawk College

Arts include performing arts education, literature, Visual arts in film, design, digital arts, media, photography, etc. If you are someone interested in 3D Animation, Journalism, Graphic Design, Photography, Music, etc, then this is the right field for you to enhance your skills. It’s no surprise that the field of Media and Arts is thriving in today’s context worldwide. 

Mohawk College provides students with multi-talented faculty who have the knowledge, techniques, and professional experience. Students will be guided to stand out in the creative world. The programs in this field offered by the college are 

S.No.Course NameDegree Level Duration Cost per year
1.Animation 3DUndergraduate Advanced Diploma 3 years CAD $18,025 
2.Accessible Media Production College Graduate Certificate One year or lessCAD $18,025
3.Art and Design Foundation College Graduate Certificate One year or lessCAD $17,126.20
4.Advertising and Marketing Communications management Undergraduate Advanced Diploma3 yearsCAD $17,015

Media and Arts involves a plethora of career opportunities such as Art Director, Animator, Concept Artist, Character Design, Scriptwriter, Copywriter, and many more. One from this field can work in Television Animation Production, Advertising/Promotional, Media and Entertainment, Advertising Agencies, Broadcast, or Digital Media. 

Business Studies at Mohawk College

The business study is the combined knowledge of Accountancy, Financial Services, Marketing,  Human Resource Management, Insurance, etc. At Mohawk, students will be able to gain practical experience and build a network of colleagues. Along with quality education, the college also provides contacts that will give students an edge in today’s business era.

The specialized programs at Mohawk will help students to achieve their goals. Some of the programs in the Business field available are 

S.No.Course Name Degree Level Duration Cost per year 
1.Business – Accounting Undergraduate Diploma2 years CAD $17,481.81 (with Co-op)
2.Business – Marketing Undergraduate Diploma2 yearsCAD $17,015
3.Business – Financial Services Undergraduate Diploma 2 yearsCAD $17,015
4.Business Administration – Human Resource Undergraduate Advanced Diploma 3 years CAD $17,015 

Some of the career options in the field of business are Accountant, Audit Associate, Marketing Program Coordinator, Product Analyst & Planner, Merchandising Manager, HR Administrator, HR Assistant, and many more. One can work in Municipalities, Consulting Firms & Placements Agencies, Retailing, Government, and Public services. 

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Conclusion: Study in Mohawk College in Canada:  

Canada is home to a number of educational institutions which might later confuse you with which, how, where, and why. Considering all the important factors for students in a foreign land, Mohawk College can be your right call. So after you decided Mohawk College in Canada would be your study destination, what’s next? 

Well, one need not fear when Canadian Study Centre is here. We are here with the purpose to assist you with accurate information and process to make your journey trouble-free. 

FAQs on Study in Mohawk College in Canada:

What is the rank of Mohawk College in Canada?

Mohawk is one of the best colleges in the Greater Toronto/Hamilton Area. Mohawk College is ranked among the top 10 colleges in Ontario and top 20 in Canada for Applied Science. And according to Webometrics, Mohawk is ranked 85 all over Canada.   

Is Mohawk College expensive?

Firstly, education in Canada is affordable for international students compared to other English-speaking countries. The average cost of Tuition Fees at Mohawk is CAD 17,015. However, the actual cost depends on the course you have selected. 

Is Mohawk College good for international students?

Mohawk is one of the top destinations for international students due to its exceptionally incredible features. The wide range of programs and services provided by Mohawk College has managed to draw the attention of foreign students. Mohawk is home to students coming from more than 80 countries around the world. 

Where is Mohawk college located?

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology is based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The college now has three campuses: the Fennel Campus on the Hamilton Mountain, the Stoney Creek Campus in Stoney Creek, and the Mohawk-McMaster Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster University. 

What does Mohawk College specialize in?

The college specializes in Health Science and Engineering Technology education. Mohawk is the largest trainer of apprentices in Ontario. Some of the popular programs under these categories are 
– Practical Nursing
– Pharmacy Technician 
– Civil Engineering Technology
– Aviation Technician


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