Top Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

canada student visa rejection reasons

A Visa Refusal is every International student’s greatest nightmare who wishes to study in Canada. And you don’t want it to happen, do you? 

Canada accepts a large number of students every year but it’s no surprise Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons are always a concern. In our blog, you will find a list of common mistakes to avoid while applying to help you solve your greatest concern.

Canada Student Visa Rejection Rate 2022

A spike in Canada Student Visa applications has resulted in an overabundance of student visa rejections in Canada. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), around 30% of all student visa applications for Canada are refused each year. Students who applied for a bachelor’s degree in Canada were the most likely to be rejected, while those who applied for a PhD in Canada were the least likely to be rejected.

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List of Top Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Canada offers students all they require to stay and study in the country. However, Canadian student visa rejection reasons are quite high today. And students sometimes knowingly and unknowingly make this mistake that leads to Canadian student visa refusal reasons.

 Some of the Canada student visa rejection reasons are.

Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons: English Language Proficiency

International students who are not native English speakers must show proof of proficiency in the language. Applicants must meet the minimal standard English language exam scores (TOEFL/IELTS) when applying through the SDS or SPP programs. 

Even if the candidate meets the Designated Learning Institutions(DLI) English Language Proficiency’s average criterion, failing to meet the program conditions may result in a Canadian student visa rejection reasons

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Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons: Insufficiency in Funds

The minimal prerequisite for studying in Canada is proof of sufficient money during the first year of the course/program. However, if the immigration official detects financial insufficiency, it may turn into a Canada student visa rejection reasons

Applicants can solve this difficulty by not focusing just on the minimal amount of money necessary. Proof of sufficient money for a period of more than a year, as well as supplementary documentation confirming the finances, can be submitted with the application. 

Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons: Not Clear about Returning to Your Home Country

The study permit has a set length of validity because it is a temporary visa. Applicants must provide sufficient documentation of their intention of returning to their home country. This does not rule out the possibility of the candidate extending their study permit or obtaining permanent residency. 

To guarantee that the application will not remain in Canada after the study visa expires, the applicant must present papers indicating his or her intent to return. If not, this might be the Canada student visa rejection reason

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Canada Student Visa Rejection  Reasons: Choice of Programs 

This is, without a doubt, the most challenging. The fact that your selected study course corresponds to your future career goals or your past educational background is highly important to immigration officials (and work experience, if applicable). They’ll raise a complaint if they notice you abruptly changing streams or fields of interest.

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Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons: Acceptance Letter

A letter of approval from a Canadian DLI is necessary for the study permit application. If the applicant’s acceptance letter is called into doubt, the Canada student visa application may be denied. In addition to the letter of acceptance, candidates must fulfill the minimum entrance criteria for the individual school. 

If the visa officer has reservations about whether the application meets the basic standards, it can be counted among Canada Student Visa Rejection reasons. Applicants can avoid this issue by confirming that the institute from which they get an acceptance letter is licensed. 

Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons: Insufficient Documentation 

Students from all over the world seek to study in Canada, and the majority of them are rejected because their documents are faulty or insufficient. The most important aspect of applying for a visa is ensuring that your documentation is good and trustworthy.

It is important to present solid paperwork because the majority of visa selection is dependent on your documentation. Make your documentation strong, fact, and trustworthy so you don’t get a chance for Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Canada Student Visa Rejection:  Lack of Employment Chances in one’s own Country

The lack of job chances in the home country implies a wish to return home. Candidates who do not have a job offer in their home country or who do not have a clear professional path may be presumed to intend to stay permanently. This might result in the Canada Student visa rejection reasons

Chances of Getting Canada Student Visa after Refusal 

We are human, and we make mistakes, but we should also learn from them. And in case of mistakes while applying for Canada Student Visa, errors can be costly.

So, the chances of Canada Student Visa after Refusal depends on the reason why your visa got rejected. if you fail to submit any papers, skip something on your SOP, or your financial statement is insufficient, you must alter them to meet the requirements and increase your Chances of Getting Canada Student Visa After Refusal

But if your Canada Student Visa got rejected because you violate any law of Canadian Immigration, then the chances of getting Canada Student Visa after refusal are very few.

What to do if Canada Student Visa gets Rejected? Valuable Tips

A Canadian student visa is important since it decides a student’s future. The reasons for a Canada Student Visa refusal reasons vary; it may be declined due to insufficient conditions or anything else that you should learn about before reapplying.

But don’t be frightened if your student visa is rejected; instead, consider the following tips for Canada student visa rejection reasons.

Step 1: Analyze Why Your Student Visa got Rejected

Canada student visa rejection reasons might occur for a variety of causes. When you are rejected, you will be given a list of possible reasons for your rejection. These are presented in the form of pointers. There is no one highlighted pointer indicating that you did not satisfy a certain condition. 

However, if you are successful in analyzing the grounds for visa refusal, the next step is to correct or avoid making the same error in your next application.  On the other hand, don’t be dismayed if you can’t figure out what went wrong and don’t know what to do next. There are some frequent reasons why a visa application is often denied. 

Step 2: Solve the Issue

If you are successful in discovering the source of the previous rejection, the next step should be to find a solution to it. For example, if your visa application was refused due to insufficient cash, make sure your finances are in order before reapplying.

It is advisable to double-check any inaccurate information you supplied before reapplying. If your goal to visit the nation was not clear the first time, underline your ties to the area this time to persuade the recruiter that you’re not a possible immigrant.

Whether you were anxious during your last visa interview or scared., rehearse carefully, be honest, and confident, and provide the interviewer with reliable information.

In another instance, if you were unable to pinpoint the problem, it is suggested that you evaluate the visa application timeframe. 

Step 3:  Re-apply

If your student visa was turned down the first time, you can reapply. Many students who had their visa applications rejected the first time are approved for a Study Permit the second time around. You must find and correct any issues that may have led to the rejection.

If you have a visa interview, then you can question the recruiter about why you were rejected. If you were not needed to attend an interview, you will be sent documentation explaining the reasons for your rejection. Next, attempt to eliminate the cause and reapply for your Student Visa.


As hard as it is to get an acceptance letter from Canadian Universities and Colleges, getting a study permit could be more difficult than that. 

With Canadian Study Center by your side, guiding you through your Study Permit, you don’t need to worry about Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons anymore.

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FAQs on  Canada Study Visa Rejection 

What can I do if my Canadian student visa is denied?

You can take the following actions if your Canadian Study Permit gets rejected:
– Try finding Canada student visa rejection reasons
– After analyzing the problem, try solving it
– Then re-apply

Is obtaining a student visa to Canada difficult?

On the surface, obtaining a Canadian student visa looks to be a simple process, but it may be tough at times. While many students assume that receiving a letter of acceptance is the most difficult aspect of the pre-study abroad process, obtaining a student visa may be even more difficult.

What are the Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons?

Canada Student Visa Rejection reasons vary from one person to another. But some of the common reasons for Canada student visa rejection are Inadequate financial resources or documentation to financing international education, Inability to confirm the required return to the home country after completion of studies, Documents that are inaccurate or misleading, and many more. 

What if I did a mistake on my Canada Study Permit Application?

If your immigration paperwork has an error, fill out a Request to Amend Record of Landing, Confirmation of Permanent Residence, or Valid Temporary Resident Documents form and send it to the Operations Support Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. If you do, there is less chance of Canadian Student Visa Rejection Reasons.

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