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Top Courses In Canada For International Students To Choose


Every year thousands of international students apply for various colleges and universities in Canada because of the diverse courses and programs the college provides. With some of the best colleges in the world, there are hundreds of different courses in Canada for international students. Also, you can choose the courses and colleges/universities that best fits your budget and interest.

Are you interested to study abroad in Canada for your higher studies? If yes, you may also be wondering about the courses available and universities providing those courses at affordable fees. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of the most popular courses in Canada for international students.

Popular Courses in Canada for International Students

Nursing in Canada

Nursing in Canada has become one of the most demanded courses in Canada for international students. This is driven by the fact that the country is facing a shortage in the supply of nurses and so, the demand for nurses in Canada is ever increasing. It was also estimated that the country would require at least 66,000 nurses by the year 2020. Thus, with an objective to increase the number of nurses, many colleges and universities in Canada offer specialized nursing courses for international students.


If you are interested in studying nursing in Canada, you need be familiar with the prerequisites need to study nursing in Canada. Please note that nursing courses in Canada is available in both diploma and undergraduate degree. Also, many nursing colleges/universities in Canada offer specialized programs like emergency nursing, cardiac nursing, school nursing, pediatric nursing, etc. However, having an undergraduate degree will allow you to work in all provinces in Canada. Also, to get admission in diploma or undergraduate degree program, the applicants must have completed high school with English, mathematics, biology, and chemistry.

Photography in Canada

If you love taking photos and videos, you can turn this hobby into a profession! For this, you can study photography in Canada in one of its best colleges/university for photography. Photography programs are designed to provide students with the education, technical expertise, and artistic training that are required to become professional photographers. Also, the best thing about studying photography in Canada is that the photography courses in Canada are designed in collaboration with some of the best photographers in Canada as well as the world.


Some of the courses available for photography are creative and applied digital photography, photojournalism, and photo arts. In order to be eligible to apply for photography courses in Canada, you’ll need to have completed +2 in English. Also, having basic knowledge regarding operation of camera and some photography experience will be an added advantage.

MPH in Canada

Are you thinking of studying Masters in Public Health (MPH) in Canada? If yes, you’ve made the right decision, as Canada offers some of the best colleges and universities for MPH courses for international students. Along with this, there is an increasing demand for medical professionals with a Masters in Public Health degree in Canada.


Colleges and universities in Canada offer two types of courses for MPH i.e. course-based (MPH) and research-based (MScPH). The full-time course for MPH is of 20 months, while for part-timers, the course is of 4 years. It will cost around USD 38,000/year for studying a Masters in Public Health in Canada. Also, various universities in Canada also provide various scholarships for international students willing to pursue a full-time degree in Master of Public Health in Canada. In order to be eligible for applying for MPH courses in Canada, the applicant must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Science with at least 75%.

MSC Nursing in Canada

MCS nursing is a graduate certificate programs that are designed for the students who have completed nursing and want to work as a registered nurse in Canada. MSC Nursing in Canada is another most popular courses in Canada for international students. This is because many universities in Canada provide the best MSC nursing courses at very affordable rates. 


If you are interested in pursuing a master’s degrees in Nursing in Canada, you can either go for the Master of Nursing(MN) or the Master of Science in Nursing (MSc Nursing). You can also go for graduate certificate programs that are designed for nurses who have completed nursing and want to work as a registered nurse in Canada. The duration for these on-campus programs are for one to two years.

Animation in Canada

The colleges and universities in Canada are also very popular for their animation courses. Thus, animation is one of the most popular courses in Canada for international students. Ontario College in Canada is regarded to be the best college in Canada for studying animation. The college provides diverse programs in the field of web programs, 2D or 3D animation and computer animation with special emphasis on traditional professional illustration.


Canada has a lot of colleges and universities when it comes to getting an arts degree in animation. Cities like Toronto, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia have numerous art and film schools providing competitive programs for animation in Canada. Having a degree in animation will surely be rewarding as the media industry needs a steady supply of top-notch animators.

Masters in Canada

When it comes to pursuing a masters’ degree abroad, Canada comes in the top 10 choices among international students. There are various courses in Canada for international students who want to pursue their masters’ degrees in Canada.  Courses for masters’ in Canada are very well-known for their research-oriented curriculum. So, if you are interested in a research or thesis-based masters program, Canada is the right country for you.


Also, colleges and universities in Canada provides the best masters’ program at very affordable rates. Master’s Programs in Canada usually ranges from one to two years and usually include a mixture of coursework and research.

Medical Study in Canada

Canada also offers various medical courses for international students.  Canada houses some of the best and most prestigious universities for medical study. Universities like Dalhousie, McGill, McMaster, Memorial, Queen’s, San Juan Bautista, Central del Caribe, Laval, Montréal, Sherbrooke, and Toronto accept international medical students from all over the world. Medical study in Canada is 3 to 5-year program, depending on Universities and the background of each student. Studying medicine in Canada Study medicine in Canada remains one of the most competitive in the world. Only 15 % of Canadian pre-Med students gain admission to medical school in Canada.


Ph.D. in Canada

Are you looking forward to pursuing your Ph.D. in Canada? Colleges and universities in Canada offer various research opportunities to help students expand their expertise. More than a third of the country’s overall research is conducted at Canadian universities, and this work contributes billions to the country’s economy.


In order to apply for a PhD in Canada, you need to have a master’s degree in a related field, with strong grades and proven research ability and potential. With this, you’ll also need to have a strong score in a graduate admissions test such as the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Music in Canada International Students

Canada also has numerous music colleges and universities for international students. You can pursue a diploma degree in music as diploma programs take a shorter time to complete than a bachelor’s or associate degree program. These programs for music are provided through various community or technical schools in Canada. You can browse through various colleges available to study music in Canada. These colleges provide a variety of courses in Canada for international students


Bachelor in Canada

In order to study Bachelor in Canada, you need to have completed the secondary school program. Bachelor’s degrees in Canada normally require three or four years of full-time study, depending on the province or whether the program is general or specialized. With more than 125 public and private universities, Canada invites thousands of students from all over the world to study Bachelors in Canada. These universities offer more than 3000 programs for Bachelor’s degree.


These are some of the most popular courses in Canada for International students. If you are planning to study in Canada from Nepal, do contact the Canadian Study Center. If you have any other queries regarding study and working while studying in Canada, please feel free to schedule a consultation meeting with us. We’ll definitely guide you in the right direction. Our services include visa counseling, application processing, test preparation classes, documentation guide, and pre-departure orientation session. We will also assist you in finding a suitable province in Canada as per your program, interest, and attachments. We provide specialized visa counseling services for students willing to study in Canada from Nepal.

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